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Do the right thing

"To me, integrity is about being true to oneself and maintaining a high standard of moral conduct in all aspects of life, whether personal or professional. It forms the foundation of trust in relationships and is essential for building a reputation of reliability and honor."

- DeAnna  M.                       

Corporate Administrator            

" I like to think of it of behaving when no one is watching as if anyone could see what you’re doing. At work it’s not taking short cuts or the easy way even if you might 'get away with it.' I have spent 13 years building the company and I now have a team in place that has the capacity to do great things. This team embodies these ideals and to me is a great representation of what any business should strive to be."

- Hampton T.                         



Trust in and follow the process consistently

"Quality is everything and if you trust in the process things will get better. A situation came up at a site location where the team spent a week doing a process that was broken. I kept on day after day doing what I was supposed to do until the team accepted that we needed to change the process to make it better. The new process worked so much better and made our team more efficient."

- Delton B.                           

District Manager                     


Intentionally setting the example at all times

"I value leadership in the workplace because intentionally setting the example at all times fosters a culture of accountability and excellence. It inspires others to strive for their best, creating a ripple effect of productivity and innovation." 

- Nicole L.                     

Office Manager               

"Leadership to me shows how to get the job done and that the job can be done. Professionally when a leader sets the example at all times it makes me proud to work for that leader. A leader is a person you can depend on no matter the circumstance." 

- Jack T.                              

Business Development                 


Supporting whole-person fulfillment

"It means we look at each associate as a whole person recognizing that balance between home and the workplace make for a more efficient team. Looking at each individual associate and recognizing that whole person fulfillment lets the associate know that we consider them valuable team members...we do not just care for our associates at work, but we are concerned about their home life and families as well."


- Keith B.                             

Site Supervisor                       


Focusing on improvement to be better than yesterday

"A person who always gets up and makes sure you show 'performance' every day regardless if you are having a bad day or a good day. You still do your best to show the best performance possible every day. I always tell my team 'Great Job!' or 'Thank you' to let them know their performance never goes unnoticed. Every day I come to work with the mindset to make my team better than they were yesterday." 


- Simiya N.                       

Site Supervisor                    

" Personal performance can be measured in endless ways. I think in order to improve performance it's important to stay optimistic, open-minded, and persevere. Professionally to me it means putting in additional work up front for the sake of performing better in the future. It's always more beneficial to spend the time training, teaching, and coaching processes and procedures so that it becomes sustainable. This method helps the growth and performance of your workforce as well as the performance/stability of the company as a whole." 

- Tanner D.                          

District Manager                      


Employee of the Month
April 2024
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