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PFP Logisitcs - Warehouse Staffing

We offer experience in handling a complete range of types of freight, including temperature-controlled, fragile, labor intensive, and high value. With us, your progress is at the heart of our process.

Starting as a small, local service provider, we learned the importance of relationships with our partners and have held on to those values as we have grown across the nation. 


  • Container/trailer loading and unloading

  • Equipment operation

  • Pallet restacking

  • Sort/segregate

  • Special projects

  • Re-boxing

  • Order selection

  • Facility sanitation

  • Warehouse staffing


  • We provide skilled and trained team members to travel across the country to provide immediate assistance. 

  • To assure proper coverage, we have the ability to relocate trained and skilled team members from other areas or partner with other recruiting firms at no additional cost until our local team is self-sufficient. 

Travel support


special projects

  • Partnered with and trusted by some of the most dominant companies in the country, we are able to take on and handle any type of project.

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  • We comprehensively manage safety, training, human resources, recruiting, and administrative tasks.

  • Our proprietary site score cards allow us to evaluate our performance on a daily basis and are constantly monitored and used to address areas of improvement.

MGMT support


Pay for Production

  • Fixed cost models can be tailored to provide several rate options for controlling your labor expenses 

  • Fixed cost solutions can be designed to match your operation's key performance indicators

  • When possible, a per unit rate is established, so:

    • You only pay for work that is completed and completed correctly​

    • More freight in the same window or shorten shift time without adding headcount

    • Your labor costs are easily projected on a daily, period, or annual basis


  • Worker's compensation insurance

  • Payroll taxes and fees

  • General liability

  • Background checks and pre-screening candidates

  • Management and supervision

  • Affordable healthcare coverage

  • Unemployment taxes

  • Loss control and damage cost prevention

soft cost



  • Increases productivity and significant cost savings

  • Insured, trained, and reliable labor

  • Trained and certified equipment operators

  • Minimized liabilities

  • On-site management & supervision

  • Customized management support

  • Improved relations with common carriers and vendors

  • Productivity-focused employees

PFP Logisitcs - Warehouse Staffing

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