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PFP Logisitcs - Warehouse Staffing

Humble Beginnings

Originally founded as a small family business, President Hampton Thomas got a head start in the game beginning as an unloader at the age of 17 for Portwatch Logistics in 2006. Finding success, the high level of customer service gained traction with existing partners and they began to expand to other locations throughout the Southeast.

In 2011, Hampton began running this division. As the company grew, he was able to bring on and develop new team members, which helped in continuing their success. In January of 2017, Hampton bought PW Production Services. In 2018, we rebranded as PFP Logistics, LLC. A big part of why PFP exists is to help others grow their career path and show them that they’re capable of more than they thought. Our mission with our partners is the same— to do more than they thought they were able to accomplish.

With an experienced leader who’s gotten his hands dirty in all parts of this company, Hampton has unique insight to all of the different positions that PFP offers. With this type of tool belt, Hampton has empathy for the difficult parts of the position, but also holds people accountable to ensure the job is being done well. Because of this, Hampton and PFP are resilient and have an innate ability to find a way to get the job done and overcome obstacles. Out-of-the-box thinking and discipline to power through when necessary is one if the distinctive characteristics of PFP.

With our most successful expansion coming from internal growth from satisfied partners, PFP is a tight-knit company that has proven to be a top contender in the industries of tires, grocery, cold storage, and packaging & distribution.

Our Mission

With a primary focus on the value of people and maintaining the culture that got us here, PFP strives to set the standard for high-quality service to our customers. This foundation spurs the company's growth, drawing new business and allowing us to retain and attract talent. With an emphasis on teamwork and innovation, we set ourselves apart from the industry standard.

People First

Our values


INTEGRITY: Do the right thing

  • Behave as if you are being watched

  • Tell the truth- up, down, and sideways

  • Walk the Walk

  • Transparency- be open about what is happening, why, and what it means


QUALITY: Trust in and follow the process consistently

  • Meeting expectations

  • Learn from experience

  • Be consistent and durable in all we do

  • Do it right, following all steps, beginning to end without exception


LEADERSHIP: Intentionally setting the example at all times

  • Clear communication regarding expectations, boundaries, and accountability

  • Consistency of character

  • Supportive of diverse perspectives and approaches

  • Curious and compassionate towards fellow humans


PERFORMANCE: Focusing on improvement to be better than yesterday

  • Rising to the occasion

  • Utilizing innovative ideas to improve capability

  • Creating a new standard of excellence


BALANCE: Supporting whole-person fulfillment

  • Feeling comfortable and safe to be your whole self at work

  • Believing the work we do matters

  • Supporting whole-person growth and improvement

  • Creating opportunity that excites the team

Exciting things

PFP's Exciting Accomplishments

We were able to do a launch in 3 days from 0-26 people with no travel team in the middle of the worst hiring crisis ever.

Silver Steel Plate

Presented with the opportunity to do a completely remote start-up in Anchorage, Alaska having no experience in that industry, in Alaska , and beat a third-party service that had a brick and mortar office less than a mile away from the partner. 

Silver Steel Plate

Given an opportunity in a new industry with tires, some of the most challenging freight to handle, we went from 0 to 20 million pounds of product moved per week within 6 months and have retained all clients within the tire industry since inception.

Exciting Things
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